Prada Unveils Short Film "A Therapy" at Cannes 2012 Film Festival
29 May 2012

Prada Unveils Short Film “A Therapy” at Cannes 2012 Film Festival

Prada unveiled a short film at the Cannes 2012 Film festival, entitled “A Therapy”. Directed by Roman Polanski, the film is made up of an entirely British cast featuring Ben Kingsley and Helena Bonham Carter. 

And what a befitting title it is, for Helena Bonham Carter’s character is seeing visiting the psychiatrist’s (Ben Kingsley)’s office for a therapy session with her shrink because her dream needs to be interpreted. Instead of listening (as every therapist should!) the psychiatrist instead tries on her fur coat that he’s so captivated by. According to Polanski, “It’s a sort of anti-ad” because he wanted to prove to the world that, apart from the full-length movies that he’s known for, he could also produce short films.

And now, enjoy the film!!