Prada Made In.... Capsule Collection
20 October 2010

Prada Made In…. Capsule Collection

For Prada’s “Made in…” capsule collection, the brand collaborates with various artisans from Scotland. Japan, India, and Peru (to name a few) to produce pieces that pay tribute to traditional materials, craftsmanship as well as manufacturing techniques. These items and pieces will bear the Prada logo, but with an explicit declaration of the country in which the piece(s) are made.


The following text and images below are excerpts from Cool Hunting

“Prada Made in Scotland” will be a collection of traditional tartan wool kilts from U.K.workshops using traditional manufacturing and weaving techniques.

“Prada Made in India” is the label for a collection of handmade garments from workshops that specialize in Chikan, one of the most ancient Indian embroidery. Items will consist of handmade ballerina flats, woven sandals and artisinal handbags.


A series of jeans produced by Dova, a leading denim manufacturer, will carry the label “Prada Made in Japan.” The trousers can be custom ordered in four different varieties of cloth and seven different washes, making every article one of a kind.

“Prada Made in Peru” is a line of alpaca wool knitwear from the most traditional workshops of Peru.

These collections will be in stores starting in 2011.