Newsflash: Paris Fashion Week To Overlap with Milan Fashion Week
16 December 2011

Newsflash: Paris Fashion Week To Overlap with Milan Fashion Week

Paris Stirs Up Show Schedule Drama

(NEW YORK) Paris is done playing nice in the fashion show scheduling scuffles between New York, London, and Milan, as evidenced by the freshly released PFW dates. At Chambre Syndicale’s board meeting yesterday, Paris’ proposed dates were agreed upon—and they certainly don’t jive with the CFDA’s recent second-Thursday ruling. For both 2013 and 2014, PFW would overlap completely with the MFW dates that have emerged from discourse between the CFDA and Italy’s Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana (CNMI). As per preliminarily agreed-upon dates from the heated back-and-forth between the CFDA and CNMI, New York would be guaranteed its desired start date on the second Thursday in September of 2013 and 2014, as compromise for Milan’s ardently stated 2012 dates, which will move NYFW and LFW a week earlier. The second-Thursday ruling results in PFW start dates of October 2 in 2013 and October 1 in 2014—a full week later for both years than the dates specified by Chambre Syndicale.

But getting Paris to cooperate wasn’t the final frontier in the contentious proceedings between Milan and New York’s fashion authorities. In addition to scoring Paris’ peaceful agreement with the tweaked schedule drawn up, by the CFDA and CNMI, New York needs to bid adieu to its final day of shows, filled with heavyweight designers like Ralph and Calvin, to give London a bit of breathing room in its always-claustrophobic schedule, as per Milan’s latest conditions. “I don’t understand why Paris completely and totally just ignored what all of us have worked so hard on…I am speechless,” CFDA president Diane von Furstenberg told WWD. Other disgruntled reactions include the British Fashion Council’s verdict of “a disappointing response” from Paris. CNMI’s Mario Boselli abstained from judging Paris’ decision, but acknowledged to WWD that “it’s unthinkable for Milan and Paris to overlap.” Meanwhile, Chambre Syndicale president Didier Grumbach defended Paris’ discordance yesterday, based on the manufacturing and delivery hurdles presented by Paris’ late spot on the global roster of fashion weeks.

Source: Fashion Week News Daily

Since Anna Wintour is the VIP for practically all the major shows, what’s going to happen now? She obviously can’t clone herself, so looks like the only solution is Andre Leon Talley will have to take either Paris or Milan while Anna does the other. All I know is that none of the fashion editors are going to be happy. I mean, even I myself am not happy, so imagine how they must feel!! Perhaps this will result in a Paris Fashion Week boycott?

Thoughts on this shenanigan anyone?