Of Prada Happy Meals & Chanel Chainsaws...
15 November 2009

Of Prada Happy Meals & Chanel Chainsaws…

Ok so this post isn’t really bag related, but I thought I’d share with you what visual artist Tom Sachs (who is known for his use of commercialised “signs” that are incorporated into his controversial works). He is known to use commoditised signs and symbols such as Designer brands and the Hello Kitty phenomena, amongst others. Shown below is Tom Sachs’s incorporation of designer logos such as Prada, Hermes and Chanel into his “works of art” that is perhaps a visual social commentary of society’s dependence on designer labels to connote status and wealth.

All images from various sources, sourced from Google Image Search.


Chanel Happy Meal
Chanel Happy Meal 2
Chanel Guillotine

Chanel Fountain – this was inspired by Marcel Duchamp’s “Fountain” which was in fact an upside down urinal with graffiti on it.

Chanel Chainsaw

Chanel Happy Meal in a Box


This image was featured on the cover of the book Deluxe: How Luxury Lost Its Lustre

This piece was titled “Prada Concentration Camp”

Prada Toilet


A thought provoking visual commentary on society, especially when you consider the Chanel Guillotine and Urinals.

Food for thought, no?