Of Pandas and Elephants: Loewe's Brilliant Windows for Christmas!
29 November 2013

Of Pandas and Elephants: Loewe’s Brilliant Windows for Christmas!

This Christmas, Loewe’s windows are inspired by José Pérez de Rozas, a former creative director for the brand for 33 years from 1945 to 1978. The windows therefore are presented as they were in the 1940s, with a gilded gold frame as well as the ruched curtain signalling that it’s Showtime!  Polka dots too, from the brand’s recent collaboration with Penelope Cruz  and her sister Monica  feature prominently as the backdrop motif.

 Pérez de Rozas was also known for his affinity with animals, particularly pandas and elephants – the 2 key animals in this Holiday collection. Of course at the centre of it all, is Loewe’s iconic Amazona bag, with a special metal animal-shaped padlock – the bull, panda, or elephant – depending on the colourway that you have chosen.

Don’t the innovative, not to mention, über-cute windows remind you of a circus, with the pandas and elephants performing balancing acts with Loewe’s leather goods and accessories? Gah! Who cares that we don’t have a Loewe boutique here yet (they will be reopening next year!) I shall just live vicariously through these photos since I can’t see them in the flesh. A little bummed that the windows went up a day after I had departed Hong Kong, but they’re possibly my favourite windows so far for the Holiday season this year!

PS: stay tuned for an upcoming post for a closer look at Loewe’s latest bags! ;D

Images courtesy of Loewe