Moschino Kisses Gufram Capsule Collection
27 March 2017

Moschino Kisses Gufram Capsule Collection

Moschino has partnered with Italian furniture manufacturer Gufram, on a Special Capsule Collection, called Moschino Kisses Gufram, at Milan Design Week. The capsule consists of 4 items: the Biker cabinet which looks like a larger-than-life version of Moschino’s Biker Bag, the High Heels within which contain an ottoman as well as three levels of glass shelves , and the pièce de résistance, the Zipped Lips!, which is a clever reinterpretation and special edition of the  renowned Bocca red lips sofa, but this time, with a oversized golden zipper right in the middle.

For Gufram’s Global Creative Orchestrator Charley Veza, this collaboration was a no-brainer, because he remembered being enthralled by the window installations and displays at Moschino boutiques when he was a kid. Moschino Creative Director Jeremy Scott, too is ecstatic about their partnership, and deems this as “a true celebration of pop culture”. He enthuses,

“The lips sofa is one of the most indelible design creations of all time! I was honoured to leave my finger print on this icon with this limited edition ‘Zipped Lips!’ version on the Bocca. Making a play on the phrase zip your lips and the zipper that links back to the Biker Bag, it is this simple addition that brings it into the Moschino family. Gufram’s furnishings strike all the chords that I subscribe to design: they are playful, ironic and iconic”

If you’re in Milan, this capsule collab will be on display at the Moschino Flagship Store  in Milan, from April 4th to 9th! 

Image courtesy of Moschino