McDonalds' To Launch McFancy Designer Themed Packaging @ Fashion Week
8 August 2010

McDonalds’ To Launch McFancy Designer Themed Packaging @ Fashion Week

Fancy some Gucci fries, Chanel Fries, and Hermes Fries? Or perhaps, a Burberry burger? Or could I tempt you with a Paul Smith sundae?

We all remember visual artist Tom Sachs’s art pieces, particularly McDonalds fast food that came in designer packaging, that was also featured on the cover of Dana Thomas’s expose book, Deluxe: How Luxury Lost its Lustre. Well, it looks as if this upcoming Fashion Week, whether in New York, London, Milan, or Paris (and yes, including Sydney and Hong Kong too!), that would soon be made into a reality. McDonalds launches McFancy, which is a temporary McDonalds store which you can dine in, and that also serves as part of an art installation. McFancy, offers the same food items on the McDonalds menu, but with designer packaging.

Or if you prefer something sweeter, there’s also McMobile, whose design is inspired by ice-cream vans, where you can get sundaes in a Paul Smith sundae cup, amongst other treats. And according to The Cool Hunter, the McMobile cart can take the shape of either just one main car, or “an entire fun train with various components of a meal depicted in each car”.

But then again, aren’t most fashionistas body-conscious people? Perhaps they’d toss away the food contents and keep the packaging just for novelty’s sake? hmm…. What do YOU peeps think?

Packaging design by Australian designer Amy Moss from EatDrinkChic.Images via The Cool HunterCredits to Le Nouveau Chic for pointing this out to me! =D