Louis Vuitton Island Maison, Singapore
22 November 2011

Louis Vuitton Island Maison, Singapore

I’m sure that it’s clear by now that I ain’t a Vuitton fan. After a recent trip to Singapore, I now know what everyone is raving about. Dubbed as the “Island Maison” – its silouhette is built to resemble a ship – it really is an impressive sight to behold. Upon entry, one is greeted by staff, welcoming us to “Louis Vuitton Island”.

One enters via Marina Bay Sands entrance, there’s the exotic skins bag bar, and the fine jewellery sections. take the stairs down, and you’ll see the Vuitton bookstore. Past the bookstore, you’ll see a contemporary art space (which is actually built under the water), including the wooden sampan that Angelina Jolie was pictured in the recent Vuitton Ad campaign.

Windows at the Marina Bay Sands Store Entrance – doesn’t the “water” (made of silicone) look so real?
Another window at the Marina Bay Sands Store entrance. If there’s one thing about Vuitton that I love, it’s definitely their windows! So creative and so lifelike
The “water” is so real that there’s light is “reflecting” and practically bouncing off the water!
The passageways

At the end of the contemporary art space, take the escalator up into the main Vuitton store that showcases not only the bags, but also shoes, Ready-to-Wear, accessories, and sunglasses.

View of the main floor – Women’s level. The stairs you see leads up into the Mezzanine level featuring the Men’s section as well as travel goods including trunks

The Men’s section located on the mezzanine level consists of Ready-to-Wear, shoes, accessories and an array of modern-day transparent trunks for both clothes and shoes for traveling with (embossed either with the Vuitton monogram or chequered Damier motif) made of plexiglas. The level opens out into a covered outdoor seating area with a view of the sea.

The Outdoor seating area

It was definitely an experience, and I’m pretty sure there really isn’t another store out there (well so far anyway) like this! Oh and did I mention that this is the second largest Vuitton store in Asia? The largest is located on Canton Road, Kowloon Hong Kong.