Hermès Launches H-Pitchhh Mobile Game
8 April 2018

Hermès Launches H-Pitchhh Mobile Game

Happy Sunday, lovelies! Every year, Hermès introduces a new theme, and for 2018, it’s Let’s Play! So what does everyone’s favourite Maison H do? Why, launch a new mobile game, of course! Called H-Pitchhh, in which you get to pitch horseshoes! The goal is for the horseshoe to land onto the stake (that striped pole that you see).

The game offers 2 different modes. “Gesture” mode for a real feel of actual horseshoe pitching by moving your phone around, and “swipe” mode to launch your horseshoe by swiping your screen with your finger. Score points to unlock a new in-game “world” – there are 5 in total. Oh, and guess what? You can also play with your friends anywhere in the world, and challenge them, or, of you prefer, you can also play solo. Thanks to Hermès, I certainly know what I’m gonna be spending my Sunday doing!

Download the app via the dedicated website right here


Images via Hermès