Dior's Autumn/Winter 15 Haute Couture Report
8 July 2015

Dior’s Autumn/Winter 15 Haute Couture Report

Raf Simons’s Haute Couture Autumn/Winter 15 collection for Christian Dior took inspiration from Flemish artists and the artisanal Haute Couture masters. Culminating into a beautiful marriage, it felt as if  Simons had transported all of us with him into a time capsule beginning at the Baroque era, and then chronologically moving on to the Middle Ages, Renaissance and late Gothic periods. Sleeves were given a historical focus, while the finer details came in the form of Impressionist and Pointillist patterns either hand-painted or made with feather embellishments and details.  Pleating was also a big part of the collection on crepe de chine dresses or the inner linings of reversible capes.

Creative Director Simons commented that he

“was intrigued by the idea of forbidden fruit, and what that meant now. The idea of purity and innocence versus luxury and decadence and how that is encpsulated by the idea of Dior’s garden – no longer a flower garden but a sexual one. … I wanted that feeling of the sensuous and luxurious to be implicit within the collection. At the same time the innocent, gestural quality of Mr. Dior’s work. The historical impact is pulled back into reality and this, for me, is what makes something modern

He then went on to explain the rationale behind the construction of the show venue:

The venue, in many ways, is like a Modernist, Pointillist church; it’s the place where all of these concerns come together

Now, watch the video below to see how the venue was constructed and how it all came together:

Images courtesy of Dior