FENDI x SKIMS Capsule Collection
29 October 2021

FENDI x SKIMS Capsule Collection

FENDI’s Kim Jones has collaborated with Kim Kardashian West. The result? The FENDI x SKIMS debut Capsule Collection which takes inspiration from Karl’s 1979 sketches for FENDI, which heavily featured twisted tube tops, tight sashes, and vibrant colours. Now, if you’re wondering what SKIMS is, it’s actually a shapewear brand founded by Kim K in 2019 (think Spanx by Kim).

The innovation in fabrics and fit typical to SKIMS paired with the luxury and quality of Fendi may feel unexpected to some people, but the similarities between our creative vision and goals are closely aligned. […] It’s the tension that excites me ~ Kim Kardashian West ~

Fendi x Skims Kim Kardashian Beachwear Outerwear

For this Capsule, you’d find velvet shapewear in a gradient series of neutral shades. Oh and if you’re thinking this is to be worn as inner garments, not quite. Here, it’s all about the reinvention of wearing it on the outside, as it’s crafted into bonded leather dresses that draw upon Roman aesthetics creating statuesque proportions for the wearer, beachwear, a reversible skin-tight jersey with the FENDI x SKIMS logo embossed into knitwear, printed onto underwear, hosiery, and emblazoned across recycled nylon sportswear, and of course shapewear to be worn as under garments.

Fendi x Skims Bonded Leather Dresses

We share a desire to push boundaries, think differently and challenge convention which is why we found so much common ground collaborating on this together. […] My FENDI is about creating something for every woman, every different shape – and that’s something at the heart of SKIMS  too. ~ Creative Director Kim Jones ~

Fendi x Skims Mini Dress Tights Baguette Chain Bag

Oh, and the Capsule isn’t just all about figure- hugging and -transforming articles of clothing either. Whether you’re looking for neutrals or brights, FENDI favourites such as the Peekaboo, FENDI First, as well as the Baguette Chain and Sunshine Shopper in 3D FF logo along with their Mini and Nano versions are a part of this collection. Footwear such as the new shearling hiking sandal, as well as new iterations of the FENDI First heel, will also be part of the collection that’s dropping on November 9th on the dedicated FENDI x SKIMS microsite as well as select FENDI boutiques and retailers worldwide.


Images courtesy of  FENDI