#PFW: Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2012-13 -- All Aboard the Vuitton Express!!
8 March 2012

#PFW: Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2012-13 — All Aboard the Vuitton Express!!

Marc Jacobs is known for starting his runway shows smack on the dot without any delays, and since he is Creative Director of Louis Vuitton, this was no exception. Well, okay, so perhaps he was 5 minutes late. But in the fashion world, 5 minutes is close to nothing at all! After all, the statement “fashionably late” didn’t stem from nowhere!

Now, I’m sure we still remember Vuitton’s spectacular all-white carousel runway set from Spring/Summer 2012. That was certainly itself a spectacle, and even months after that, it was still fresh on the minds of the fashion press. Everyone kept referencing Vuitton’s SS12 show. After setting the bar so high, putting a dramatic close to Paris Fashion Week, how does the Maison top that? By building a set that resembled a train station of course!

At 10:05am CET, the clock chimed 10. Doors opened, and an actual steam train rolled onto the railway tracks with models in tow in the carriage section. The Vuitton Express. Even the conductor was present, and his whistle, according to Marc Jacobs in a post-show interview, was a diamond-encrusted one. And yes, we’re talking actual “bling” here. No siree, nothing of the Swarovski sort at all.

You probably can’t see from the photo, but the numbers in front of the train are “070312” which is the date of the Vuitton Runway show at Paris Fashion Week.



Models in the carriage

Many fashion editors exclaimed  (on their twitter feed) that the Vuitton Express reminded them of the Hogwarts train. As for me, I didn’t really get that vibe. Instead, I thought that Vuitton was actually reminding everyone of its history and heritage, with humble beginnings as trunk- and luggage-makers.

Once the train stopped in its tracks the models emerged one at a time, but this time (and it’s definitely a fashion first!) each model was accompanied by a porter, who carried their bags and luggage. Again, porters have significance when it comes to Vuitton (and think back to the limited edition “porter” printed SLGs) from approximately 4-5 years back, as well as last year’s Fall/Winter 2011 limited edition printed SLGs with not just the hot air balloon and aristocratic ladies, but some also had a porter on them.

And now, the BAGS…

Bags with buckle details

(I’m really not at all a fan of these hairy bags with buckle detail. They look rather scary, like something out of an Asian horror film. Remember “The Wig”? *shudders*

A new take on the Damier…

And now the bags that sparkled the most on the runway (though I couldn’t really tell whether the sparkle comes from glitter, sequins, crystals, or beading – the photos aren’t hi-res enough for me to be able to determine)

The Verdict: Honest to God, I’m not at all a fan of ANY of the bags from Vuitton’s Fall/Winter 2012-13 collection. But some things I noticed were that Marc Jacobs is definitely very inspired by buckles and oversized hats; both of which we saw a lot of at his Fall/Winter 2012-13 show at New York Fashion Week. But while the buckles were mainly squarish and on the shoes for his own collection (which I have commented that they looked rather like Leprechaun’s shoes which MJ himself was wearing at both shows when taking his post-show bow), the buckles were on the bags instead of the shoes, and round instead of square. Derek Blasberg commented on his twitter feed that with both the MJ and Vuitton focus on hats, perhaps he is trying to single-handedly revive the millinery industry. What a way to put it, but then again, it’s quite apt, innit?

While I’m not a fan of the entire leather goods collection, I really am still in awe and marveling at the grandiose railway and Vuitton Express set. Not only did we feel as though we were transported back in time to the era of Steam Trains and Rail Travel, but Only one word can describe it – SPECTACULAR! Kudos to a well thought-out set design Vuitton! A lesson to us all in luxe travel! Bon Voyage!

Images via Style.com