#PFW: Dior Spring/Summer 2013 Runway & Bags Report
30 September 2012

#PFW: Dior Spring/Summer 2013 Runway & Bags Report

Dior and YSL are the most anticipated shows of the Spring/Summer 2013 season. It is definitely a dawn of a new era for the Fashion Universe – both brands have new Creative Directors. In fact, the fashion press even went as far to declare it a Raf Simons (Dior) – Hedi Slimane (YSL) showdown.

The setup for the Dior show venue was intimate, and akin to the typical salon-type set-ups. Divided into sections, or rather “rooms” which were colour-coded and separated by sheer organza drapes in pastel shades like mint, blue, pink and yellow. The seating arrangements varied from room to room, and your seat for the show depended on which colour “room” you were assigned to as stated in the invitation.

The show began about slightly over half an hour behind schedule, and everyone was restless with anxiety, due to the anticipation of what Simons would be presenting that day. The show opened with models dressed in plain black power-suits with scarves around their neck. At this time, I was slightly unsettled, because it seemed rather plain and well, boring, with minor variations for each look. I thought to myself, oh no, is this it? Is everything going to be black and maybe white because monochromaticism seemed to be the theme for SS13 shows so far.

Then, came the colours iridescent metallic organza dresses worn under shorts. I thought, “oh dear”.
And then that’s where it got interesting all of a sudden when stripes and more colours were sent down the runway. I thought “ah! At last!” By Look 23, I was squealing with delight because that’s when I started loving each and every look that came down the runway, slightly more than the previous one which I already was drooling over. Vibrant colours like orange, bright yellow, fuchsia, and red all came down the runway – gathered pleats, draped peplum bustier, colour-blocked argh! LOVE! . Worn under shorts they certainly looked like chic, yet luxe sportswear. After that, the cocktail looks were fab! The evening looks, though, with the printed floral iridescent organza skirts, though, I didn’t favour.

Here are my favourite looks from Dior’s SS13:

And now, the BAGS:

The new addition to Dior’s bag family is that elongated tote with side snap details. Apart from that, Raf kept the Dior icons coming: The Lady Dior shone in all its exotic skinned glory, while the exclusive Diorissimo came down the runway in delectable macaron-esque pastels like powder pink, mint and yellow, which were, in the same shades and hues like the organza drapes that separate the various “rooms” at the show venue. Though the classics are a mainstay of the collection, Raf encased all the hardware on the bags with the leather and skins, including the hanging D-I-O-R charms, which resulted in more understated, mono-coloured bags. Love!

The Verdict: It’s not often that I love the clothes more than the bags, but this seems to be the second time it’s happening this season. Leather goods may be the ones that bring in the most profits for all the brands out there, but this was Raf’s debut and it was his time to shine, so it only made sense that he invested all his talent into the clothes, rather than the accessories. I didn’t at all fancy the black power suits and A-line reinterpretations on the black skirted blazers, or even the reflective organza dresses, but that said, I felt as though I wanted all the looks in the gorgeous popping candy hues, which were a pleasant surprise after all the black that came before them. Not to mention very carefully planned and thought out on Raf’s part in terms of the order of looks to be sent down the catwalk!

I said this on Twitter while live-tweeting the Dior SS13 show, and I’ll say this again now..

Everyone loved Galliano, but Raf’s Dior RTW debut is STELLAR! From the SS13 collection, it is obvious that Raf & Dior are an awesome match. His collection for the Maison is vibrant, youthful, not to mention totally wearable, unlike the overly excessive, dramatic and bordering on theatrical designs by Galliano who thrived on the spectacle. After a year sans designer, Dior is back in the game, front and centre, and it’s all thanks to Raf! Bravo!

Now, question is, who wants to be my Fashion Fairygodmother and ship Dior’s SS13 right into my closet? ;P

Images via Style.com