#PFW Céline's Fall/Winter 2013 Runway Report
6 March 2013

#PFW Céline’s Fall/Winter 2013 Runway Report

Since the models pretty much squished the life out of Céline’s Fall/Winter 2013 bags and clutches in such a way that it was quite difficult to actually make out what the bags are supposed to look like in its natural state, let’s just focus on the Ready-to-Wear looks instead.

Phoebe Philo certainly gets my vote for the most innovative detailing for the Fall/Winter 2013 collections so far in terms of RTW, which is why I’m actually commenting on this because it isn’t something that I usually do.

While the furry trend wasn’t anywhere to be seen on the shoes (remember the Big Bird shoes and the slippers from Spring/Summer 2013 which have since earned the nickname”Furkenstocks”??) there was still a little teensy bit of furry-ness left on some of the coats and clutches.

Now these dresses with the knotted sleeve detail is something one would either love or hate. I personally love it because it’s such a pretty detail, not to mention nothing that’s ever been done before.

 What’s more, people won’t really realise that it’s sleeves unless looked at really closely! Phoebe is a genius.. 

But as for this…..

I really didn’t get what was up with the checked outerwear which really reminded me of the red, white, and blue coated raffia China bags commonly used by street vendors. Sure, they aren’t in those exact colours but if you’re Asian, you’d probably know what I’m talking about. And the two-colour checked version looks as if China raffia bags were cut up and merged together to create that coat.

Images via Style.com