Paris Fashion Week: Miu Miu Spring/Summer 2012 Bags
18 October 2011

Paris Fashion Week: Miu Miu Spring/Summer 2012 Bags

When I was a kid (4 or 5 years old), I used to frequent live performances. One Christmas, when mum put me in a velvet dress – which she had asked my aunt in the US to purchase – I remembered telling her specifically that “I don’t like this curtain dress”; I referred to velvet at that time as “curtain” because that particular dress was red, just like the curtains on stage. Well, the other complaint I had about that dress was that it felt rather coarse against my skin. From then on, I used the term “curtain” to refer to all things velvet, even when they weren’t in that deep shade of “stage curtain red”.

The reason why I related that particular childhood memory of mine is because that was the first thing that struck me when I saw that most of the bags in Miu Miu’s Spring/Summer 2012 (well apart from the usual suspects i.e. leather) are made of velvet. So anyway, on with The Verdict.

While the flap top bags with the huge gold button might be evoking an old-world charm reminiscent of the Second World War era, the framed top bags and the similarly shaped bags with the gold button granny snap closure reminded me of one thing, or well, its silhouette at least. *drumroll*.. Ok so here goes. I don’t know if I have an overly vivid and overactive imagination, but I think its silhouette really resembles a loaf of bread when looked at from the front — concentrate on the shape of the top of the bag and you’ll get what I’m talking about. Spot the similarity?

Bread aside, I’m really not at all a fan of this collection, from the pleated smocking-like designs and the Oriental/Eastern prints, to the ones with the 4 rosettes, Miu Miu’s S/S 2012 collection is just so freakishly wrong. ‘Nuff said.

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