Paris Fashion Week: Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2012 -- A Show of Extraordinary Proportions!!
8 October 2011

Paris Fashion Week: Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2012 — A Show of Extraordinary Proportions!!

I really am not at all a Vuitton fan, but there’s one thing I really have to say, that the Spring/Summer 2012 runway show was not just enthralling, but enchanting, and yes, I mean that in the most literal sense. 
The show was held at the Louvre in Paris, and the show venue was built like a tent. Everything was white, from the stage and the catwalk, to the colour of the tents and benches, and even the seating hostesses were all dressed in white. The atmosphere was certainly like whiteout, and in some ways, chillingly clinical. In the middle, was a circular bit, which I thought resembled the gold circular dome in the middle from which models emerged during Marc Jacobs’s Spring/Summer 2011 show last year. I mean, it wouldn’t be surprising because after all, MJ IS the designer for Vuitton anyway, so perhaps it was his influence. Well, or so I thought. 
When the show began, the white circular dome ascended ever so slowly, to reveal a HUGE carousel (and yes this carousel actually moved, lights and music (which sounded so tinkly that you could imagine it coming from a wind-up music box), and everything you’d imagine at a funfair. Well, a very fashionable one that is, and not at all tacky. Everyone was awestruck at the grandeur of this fashionable playground. All the models were already dressed in Vuitton’s S/S 2012 looks and seated on the horses from which they descended one by one and took their turn on the runway. Yes, all the horses were occupied, which could only mean one thing: there were no outfit changes, so you can imagine the number of models there Vuitton had enlisted to walk the show.  

The carousel
A Very funfair vibe, no?

The Verdict: If you remember the PVC transparent monogrammed bags from circa Vuitton mid-2000s, the transparent monogrammed white bags (I think it looks as if it could be made of mesh) for S/S 2012 certainly reminded me of those ones. Apart from that, the vernis laser-cut lattice-typed bags reminded me of marketing totes we have here in Asia, just well, more shiny. In terms of shape, while last season (Fall/Winter 2011) concentrated on the Lockit, this season it seems as if the Maison’s iconic Speedy has been given a facelift and we see it on the runway in numerous variations: elongated and duffle-like, and the flap tote, which is, if looked at carefully, is a Speedy (the mid-section from the side view) with raised side bits and an added flap. The one thing I DID like though, was the totally delectable pastel colour palette, and of course the “opening to reveal carousel” bit. Now that’s what I call showmanship! Oh and I’m sure all of you have heard by now that Kate Moss closed the Vuitton show.

On a side note, although I usually focus on just the bags and don’t at all comment on the Ready-to-Wear collection, I couldn’t help but notice that the entire collection mostly comprised of Broderie Anglaise dresses, and not all, but most of them had feather details which are more couture than RTW. Given that the fashion world is buzzing with the possibility of Marc Jacobs migrating over to Dior to replace John Galliano as creative director, could this be Marc trying to prove that he’s ready to become a couturier at Dior? Could this be Marc’s swan song for Vuitton, hence the whimsical opening for the show? Hm… well I guess that is something only time will reveal. What are your thoughts?

Well whatever the answer is, one thing’s for sure: this show will definitely go down in fashion history as a truly memorable show indeed.

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