#NYFW: Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2014 Runway Review
15 September 2013

#NYFW: Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2014 Runway Review

We all know that Marc Jacobs ALWAYS begins his show on time, and not a minute later. This season, the weather wasn’t particularly kind on the last day of New York Fashion Week, but yet, despite the rainstorm which led to only two-thirds of the show space filled up, in true Marc Jacobs fashion, he started the show right on the dot.

Marc is known for his elaborate, and oftentimes, even fantastical show sets. This time, the show set, with its black glitter floors which twinkled in the dimly lit space, resembled soot-covered sand. The ruined bus with no wheels left was nothing but an empty metal shell,  whose destination was marked as “Dark Hollow”, coupled with the washed out beach chairs and lifeguard posts and blue-tinged lighting, it felt as if it was a cross between the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse and Doomsday. To give us an idea of the full effect, it seems that Marc even turned up the heat at the show space! Everyone was sweating and fanning themselves!

At 8pm sharp (8am Malaysian time), the dramatic “Jaws” music heralded the start of Marc’s SS14 show.

Models appeared in an array of military jackets that looked more like Winter wear than coats that belong in the Spring collections, Pirate-esque Gothic Victorian dresses, and beaded evening looks that sparkled. There was LOTS of fringe and, when the prints came down the runway, it sort of resembled the patchwork Persian carpet motifs on the floor of the seating area. The shoes were a mix of boots or Birkenstock-like sandals – yes they were all flats, and even paired with the sparkly evening looks. I was also quite disappointed that bags were few and far between unlike his previous shows where bags accompanied every single look that came down the runway. As for the bags that DID come down the runway, they were either sling bags made of croc with lots of fringe and tassels, or hobo-shaped printed bags that really reminded me of Gucci’s Babouska collection from 2008.

The Verdict: I wasn’t at all a fan of the bags, nor the collection, but since it seems as if Marc was trying to channel Doomsday chic, then the heavy military coats and flat shoes seem rather practical. Hey, I mean hell just froze over (hence the thick coats) and the flat shoes make running away from whatever post-apolcalyptic madness much easier, especially when one is running for their life.

From the music, the set and finally the SS14 collection, Marc really did close NYFW with dramatic flair, that, up until this point was usually more associated with Galliano.

Images via Style.com