#NYFW: Jason Wu's Fall/Winter 2012-13
11 February 2012

#NYFW: Jason Wu’s Fall/Winter 2012-13

From the moment I saw the studded red double doors with monster door-knockers that were used as door handles as the backdrop to the Jason Wu show, I knew that it was going to be a very Chinese-inspired collection, with the designer going back to his cultural roots.

The red doors opened and we see the first model emerging. From the very first look, I got the military vibe; the models did a great job doing a fierce walk that imitated the mechanical and almost robotic walk that soldiers in the army usually have; a half walk-half march.

Fur details and collars, and very military inspired leather jackets opened the show, followed by brocade, lamé dresses and details coupled with Chinese motifs as well as a hat (an odd-looking one to many) which is in actual fact, reminiscent of and very similar to the type of hats the Empress’s guards used to wear as part of their uniform when guarding the Imperial Palace during China’s Dynastic Era.

And now, the Chinese Hat that took me by surprise:

My tweet while watching the show live: ” @bagaddictsanon: OMG that Chinese hat on the model… reminiscent of Empress’ Guards from China’s Dynastic era! @JasonWu  #NYFW

Brocade & Gold Lame

Then came my favourite bit. the red satin with black details and black lace overlays coupled with leather gloves were rather femme fatale in inspiration, which perhaps demonstrates Jason Wu’s desire for doing “eveningwear for day” in this collection.

The last look was again very military, similar to the looks with Chinese motifs, but this time, with a long, sweeping tail (think the back of the coats in Matrix). For the final walkthrough, the models marched out and the show ended with an army of models which although was befitting for the theme that Wu was going for, was also possibly inspired by the Dolce & Gabbana “army of models” finale from seasons past.

And the final walkthrough: the army of models

Jason Wu taking his bow after the show

The Verdict: So I wasn’t really a fan of the collection, perhaps the only looks I loved are the aforementioned femme fatale ones. But what definitely MADE the show, was not just the looks but also the ambience, the music and the gait of the models. The Chinese theme was very obvious, and a seamless thread that strung the entire collection together from the moment the red doors opened.

If you are one of my followers on Twitter, you might have remembered reading this tweet of mine “@bagaddictsanon: Military chic, with Chinese touches, that’s how I’m summing up @JasonWu’s FW 12-13 #nyfw” 

Jason Wu, in a post-show interview commented that his collection was reminiscent of a “Qing Dynasty Warrior” and the studs on the double doors were also very much present in his collection: on the shoes as details on the clothes, as well as the bag, which he called the “Warrior” bag.

At the end of it all, Jason Wu summed up his collection with 2 words: “Elegant aggression”

Note: Jason Wu’s FW12-13 collection will be available for Pre-Order on February 15 during the trunk show @ Nordstrom.

All Images via NowFashion, Photo of Jason Wu via Style