Milan Fashion Week: Prada Spring/Summer 2012 Bags
2 October 2011

Milan Fashion Week: Prada Spring/Summer 2012 Bags

My least favourite in the collection — I don’t like the fact that the roses resemble tattoos

The Verdict: The element that that runs through all of the bags and definitive of Prada’s Spring/Summer 2012 is definitely the frame detail. And with the frame, that could only mean one thing: it’s going to be heavy!! Well, that aside, Miuccia seems to be offering something for everyone — From classy lady chic (the plain framed totes) to glamourous (the flashy studded frame totes) and whimsical (the car detailed bags and clutches), you’re bound to find something that you like in this collection! Well, I’ve spotted MY favorites: the simple handle-less framed clutches and yes, given my penchant for all things cutesy and whimsical, the bags with the vintage cars! Yep, Miuccia probably already provided a teaser for us when styrofoam cars were scattered all around the runway as props to the Spring/Summer 2012 catwalk show, and when we saw the car-themed bags and dresses with the same sketch-like car motifs on them, we finally got what the cars on the catwalk meant.

I know this will probably a shocker to you, and I surprised myself too, but I what I really LOVED from this collection wasn’t the bags, but the cute car-themed shoes!! Hm, with the wings as ankle straps (aerodynamics/spoilers on racing/sports cars perhaps?), and either”flames” coming out of the back (well, that’s how racing cars are usually depicted anyway in cartoons and comics and Mattel’s “Hot Wheels” toys) or the tail lights protruding from the heel, how could one not LOVE it? With the rosette detail in front, it’s the perfect combination of hard and soft; femininity and masculinity; or perhaps the feminine and the racer chick.

Or maybe, just maybe, with all the hype and anticipation surrounding the – now released but I presume it was “to-be-released”when Miuccia was working on the collection – Disney-Pixar Cars 2, perhaps that was her inspiration? Thoughts, anyone? Well either way, this collection, to quote Rebecca Black (rest assured, I’m not a fan!), is definitely Fun, fun, FUN! ;D

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