Milan Fashion Week: Fendi's Spring/Summer 2012 Bags
30 September 2011

Milan Fashion Week: Fendi’s Spring/Summer 2012 Bags

The Verdict: I haven’t really been a fan of Fendi for awhile but the Spring/Summer 2012 seems really fun and eccentric! The main shape for Fendi this upcoming Spring seems to revolve around the tote bags with a drawstring-typed insert that can be pulled-up (best when worn on the shoulder) or pushed down (when carrying in the arm) at will. This tote style reminds me of Marc Jacobs bags circa 2 years ago, if you remember the “Jet” series of bags which I was raving over, and almost bought. In terms of style, I’m not a fan of the grommet-embellished totes, but instead prefer the perforated ones. We also see the Silvana in wicker/rattan for Spring/Summer 2012, which are very much in line with the Spring/Summer picnic-basket-esque vibe. For their evening collection, there are fur-trimmed beaded foldover clutches which, according to Silvia Venturini Fendi, are made to look like paintings.

My absolute favourite from this collection, would definitely be either something one hates, or loves. I guess to some, the totes with the multicoloured pyramid-shaped studs would look as if a candy machine exploded onto the bag, but I especially love the one in cream with studded details in pastel hues and the one in brown with slightly more fluorescent studs.

Which is YOUR favourite?

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