#MFW: Prada Spring/Summer 18 Runway & Bags Report
25 September 2017

#MFW: Prada Spring/Summer 18 Runway & Bags Report

From the walls and floors to the recessed runway-level platforms on which show attendees sat,  Prada’s Spring/Summer 18 show space was entirely covered in comic book and manga illustrations.    According to Miuccia Prada, some of these ranged included works from the 1930s to 1960s, but other than that, most of which are by contemporary artists. And, from this, it became obvious that we were going to see plenty of these comic illustrations in the collection.


The comic illustrations were screen-printed flat onto the looks – the intention was to give it an impression that it was creased, but actually was smooth to the touch. Apart from that, spiders too, featured quite prominently in the collection, as did oversized coats, socks, as well as animal prints, especially leopard printed lapels and tiger stripes. The looks embellished with pailettes, that, from afar, looked more like buttons sewn very closely together (seen on the shorts and shoulder details in the photo below), really reminded me of the Pearly Kings and Queens of working class England. In short, it is a collection that would make street style photographers go gaga, thanks to the way in which Mrs. Prada styled the outfits. Street style worthy for sure!


I know I’m more of a bags rather than shoes girl, so I don’t often say this, but since I’ve, in recent years, taken a liking to what would be traditionally considered as more “masculine”-typed shoes, the abundance stud-embellished brogues and sandals, and the pointy-toed slingback with buckles, have got me lusting over them. Perhaps the only type of footwear in the collection that wasn’t really my style, were the athletic ones. And now, for the main event, the bags!!

In terms of the bags from this SS18 collection, I noticed quite a number of things:

  1. That Prada is bringing back more nylon bags, but this time embellished with studs for that perfect rocker chic vibe which ya’ll know I totally love, so YASSS, sign me up for all the bags that come with the studs!!
  2. The Etiquette range of bags (the one with the blue Prada label that you often see as interior labels on the women’s ready-to-wear) gets the rockstar treatment with a combination of colours, textures, and buckles; some of them also get a comic upgrade for the season.
  3. Mrs. Prada seems to be playing on the label. Last season it was the Etiquette, and now, for SS18, there seems to be just a blank triangular leather patch, with “PRADA-MILANO” on another strip of leather on top of it. Hmm…
  4. Has the Galleria Tote been given a facelift? It’s certainly the same silhouette with the two zippered compartments, and an open middle section, but now, with knotted leather tabs fastened onto the zipper pulls, and a one-sided fancy buckle detail, while the Prada logo on the exotic skin versions have been moved to the side of the bag?
  5. The Frame Bag – one of the key styles from this FW17 season have been carried over into SS18, and now come in the illustrated comic prints.

I have to say, it’s rare for me to opt for a black bag, but please sign me up for ALL the nylon bags, because — STUDS and the one-sided buckle detail on the bags!! Can’t wait for Spring!

Images via Vogue Runway