#MFW: Moschino's Spring/Summer 18 Runway Report
23 September 2017

#MFW: Moschino’s Spring/Summer 18 Runway Report

So I was right! Moschino Creative Director Jeremy Scott featured a My Little Pony Capsule in the Spring/Summer 2018 collection! I, for one couldn’t be happier because I actually grew up with the cartoon, and no offence here, but the original cartoon from the 80s is way better than the revamped MLP that you see these days. Ah, memories. Anyhoo, in true Moschino fashion, the runway show was divided in to 2 acts, and this time, the around, the same soundtrack,  Erotica Nervosa by Duncan Grey ft. Sarah Rebecca, was used throughout the entire show.

Act 1 was a true juxtaposition between “hard” and “soft” or, perhaps, I should say, that “tough chic” vibe, as spotted on one of the model’s belts that accompanied a look. The “femininity” in this Act came through in the form of tutus that accompanied virtually almost all the looks (even the tracksuit!), along with My Little Pony characters, whether in the form of sweater dresses, tees, backpacks, and even those metal lunch boxes that I remember taking to school with me! But guess what? These tutus and MLP pieces were paired with lots of leather: biker jackets embellished with zipper details, studs, spikes, chains, buckles, and zipper details, leather boots, headgear, and collars. Because of this, even some of the prima ballerina-worthy looks in the form of sequinned- and glittery winged-detailed bodices worn with black tutus, could even loosely be categorised as, dare I say, dominatrix, thanks to the fishnet stockings and footwear, and for the latter, fallen angels that were exiled because they were too bada$$.

And then came Act 2, which was a total surprise, because Scott recast the models as flowers. This was indeed a true testament to his skills as a designer, because the dresses from this Act were without question, ethereal, having transformed the tough chicks, into flower faeries we oft find, and read about, in fables and fairytales. Of course, in true Scott fashion, he could not be expected to get rid of his cheeky side. Amidst the beauty of the second act, he inserted a handful of looks that made the girls look like a bundled up walking flower bouquets (Cindy Crawford’s daughter, who made her debut this season, did a fabulous job with this!) as well as a voluminous bush from which flowers sprouted and butterflies fluttered around. With these particular “out there” looks, Scott does what he does best: to shock and awe.

The Verdict: Okay, I love MLP so you know what I’m gonna say about that already. I was a tad disappointed, though, that apart from the MLP capsule collab bags,there weren’t any new ones, because we mostly saw the backpacks and biker jacket bags that were just jazzed up with more embellishments like spikes and studs. Perhaps the only “new” bag was that biker jacket wristlet.

That said,  I have to admit that I really loved the looks in the second act, because Scott really showed us a different side, most importantly, his versatility: he doesn’t just have a certain type of design aesthetic; with this, he has proven that he isn’t just a “one look” type of designer, but he is also capable of producing something totally beautiful. It was indeed a pleasant surprise. Kudos!

P.S. If you missed Moschino’s SS18 show, watch the FULL show via the on-demand video service right here

Images via Vogue Runway