#MFW: Moschino SS16 Runway And Bags Report
28 September 2015

#MFW: Moschino SS16 Runway And Bags Report

Usually, fashion show invitations do give us an idea about what to expect, and some are more cryptic than others. But, at Moschino, from the “Clothed for Construction” fashion show invite, to the yellow safety helmet usually worn at construction sites, it was certainly very clear about what was to come down the Spring/Summer 16 runway — the only question was how Jeremy Scott was going to pull it all together.

And then we saw it: the runway was actually made to look like a road, with a yellow dotted line going down the middle, with a frame decorated with traffic lights with the digital ticker tape saying “Dangerous Couture Ahead” through which the models emerged, while traffic and road signs flanked both sides of the runway. It finally all made sense as the models strutted down the catwalk in orange and neon yellow looks with a dash of reflector strip details that were clearly inspired by the uniforms commonly seen on those guys doing roadworks. Another memorable motif, was the yellow and black tape with “Caution” written all over it, oh, and the interlocking C clamps, that seemed as though they were a parody of Chanel’s CC logo.

The lights then dimmed, as the audience prepared for the final walkthrough, but nope, after waiting for a bit in darkness, then came “Act 2” of the show: where the entrance to the runway transformed into a car wash, complete with those huge vertical fluffy brush thingys and bubbles. For this segment, there were plenty of thick horizontal strips of what appeared to be paper-like fringed pom-pom dresses (think piñatas), except they were supposed to be the huge scrub brushes at the drive-in car wash. Now, it was on to the quirkier pieces. Cue bold and vibrant colours like sunshine yellow, bubblegum pink, and aqua, with “Fresh”-branded spray bottles and prints, as well as the graffiti-esque looks. Oh, not forgetting the Powerpuff Girls!

As for the bags, they came in a plethora of construction-worthy shapes, like an inverted traffic cone bag, the yellow safety hard hat bag, leather totes with “tools” such as mock hammers, wrenches and screwdrivers dangling from them, and circular road sign bags.

I know what you’re thinking, and it definitely crossed my mind too: that the roadworks theme is similar to Anya Hindmarch’s “Diversion” Autumn/Winter 15 collection that’s currently in stores. But let me tell you, Jeremy Scott does it much better, because he takes it to the extreme, but in a good way without coming off as kitschy (because well, you know, I’m a super HUGE fan of quirky things).  😉

If you missed Moschino’s Spring/Summer 16 show, it’s definitely worth a watch!! Click here to see the FULL runway show via the on-demand service

Images via Vogue Runway and Now Fashion