#MFW: Moschino Spring/Summer 17 Runway Report
23 September 2016

#MFW: Moschino Spring/Summer 17 Runway Report

Today, with Moschino’s Spring/Summer 17 collection, I’m going to do something different. It’s going to be a runway report, without any commentary on the bags. *gasps* Yep, I’m serious about that, and you’ll find out why as you read on.

Jeremy Scott strikes again with his tongue-in-cheek approach. The backdrop was merely a velvet curtain with “MOSCHINO” emblazoned right in the middle in the classic gold lettering. The soundtrack was sort of a French (or English, if French is your first language) lesson in everything from face creams (le creme pour le visage) to underwear, and socks. Yep, whatever item it was, it’s first said in English, and then translated to French twice over, and then it came to a dialogue between the customer and the sales associate: “How much is it”(French translation). And this was looped throughout the entire show. That said, let’s get on to the clothing!


Printed feather plume, anyone?

All the models had blonde and brunette wigs in the same hairstyle, and the tabs protruding from the outfits and even the bags, and shoes, were immediately noticeable – Scott was obviously basing the collection around the idea of the paper dolls. I mean, I’m not sure if they still have these around in stores, but back when I was a kid, I used to play with these things (oops did I just give away my age?). If you’re still confused about what I’m talking about, it’s those naked dolls printed on paper, and we pop out their outfits and fold the tabs back to dress the doll up.  Scott even had props like cardboard printed umbrellas and beach towels which the models held. Since this was the theme Scott was going for, it was fitting that all the models seemed like clones, and all the outfits (well about 95% of them) coming down the runway were designed in a trompe l’oeil style, in the form of digital printouts and flattened out, just like the printed manila card outfits with which we dress our dolls. For some of the looks, he took it so literally that only the front of the clothes were printed on, while the back was just plain white.

And yes, here’s where I tell you why I’m not writing about the bags, because the bags were also given the same treatment of the printed on, flattened effect, including a printed chain strap and tassel, so there really isn’t nothing much to be said about them. Oh except the blister pack capsule clutch which is sure to be a street style hit soon!

As for the prescription pills #seenowbuynow Capsule Collection, there weren’t that many items shown on the runway except a printed backpack with the capsule motif, a sweatshirt, a shoulder bag, and the clutch that I’ve just mentioned.

P.S. If you haven’t already watched the show LIVE, you really need to see these 2-D but yet 3D outfits (because of the trompe l’oeil) come down the runway! Watch the FULL show via the on-demand video service right here 

Images via Vogue Runway