#MFW: Gucci's Fall/Winter 2012-13 Bags
23 February 2012

#MFW: Gucci’s Fall/Winter 2012-13 Bags

Day 1 of Milan Fashion Week kicked off yesterday with Gucci. Clothes-wise, it was a very dark collection, mostly black, with hints and accents of teal and Emerald Green. Capes and trousers sported a relaxed fit with menswear and even “mens pajamas” (according to Frida Giannini) as its inspiration. The theme for this collection was “Dark Romanticism” and contrast, which is the reason behind the juxtaposition of the “structured and the soft”, “powerful and playful”. And now, on with the bags!! 

The Verdict: I caught the livestream of the Gucci FW 2012-13 show last night on Gucci Connect. And I must say that the thing that I noticed was that there were very few bags coming down the runway, as opposed to seasons past. And since all of the bags that came down the runway yesterday sported the saddle bit detail from the existing Saddle Bit line of bags that was introduced in Fall/Winter 2011, perhaps Frida is seeking to expand the Saddle Bit family FW 12-13. The Hobo, usually structured now comes in a more supple, and softer version; the new additions to this family would be the clutch and the framed bags in suede and leather + diamantissima (photos 2& 3 above) which are more Lady Chic. That said, I’m not really a fan of this collection. And no, not just because it’s mostly black colour palette. Oh, and I think that the Saddle Bit hobo looks better when it’s structured.

Images via Style.com