#MFW: Gucci Spring/Summer 2018 Runway & Bags Report
22 September 2017

#MFW: Gucci Spring/Summer 2018 Runway & Bags Report

With ruins and Greco-Roman statues, fallen Roman columns, Aztec monuments, and a bandaged mummy  peppered throughout Gucci’s Spring/Summer 2018 show venue, the first thought that came to mind was,  with all these historical references, could Creative Director Alessandro Michele be going way back in history for the collection?

Once the show began, all ideas about a collection that pays tribute to antiquity, went out the window. If Michele created a mediated experience for the audience in attendance by setting up a glass tube encased runway last season, this season, he made it almost virtually impossible to see the clothes properly, thanks to the dark purple glow that bathed the entire show space, and the strobe lights dancing to a quick-paced rhythm. Perhaps the thing that came across most clearly in this atmosphere, was the shimmery vibrant-coloured satin that can almost be considered psychedelic, and the glitter. And while we’re on the subject of glitter, it certainly felt like there was a strong 80s vibe coming through, but with all the glitz and glam it kinda remind me of 70s glam rock and the likes of David Bowie. The way the models’ hair was styled,  though, was distinctly eighties, and the sculptural shoulder details felt a wee bit intergalactic.

And now, on to the bags!

When it comes to the bags, it seems as if that many of them we see on the SS18 runway are actually carry-over styles from previous seasons, for example, the top handle Sylvie, the bum bag (or waist pouch), the Bamboo top handle, and the vintage-esque crossbody and shoulder bags, which we also saw on the Cruise 2018 runway. Perhaps the only new bags for SS18 are the totes, the basket-styled tote, the encyclopaedia-typed clutches seen on the men, and the “Guccy” crossbody bags.

Images via Vogue Runway