Karl Lagerfeld tells us how the Hula Hoop Bag From Chanel's SS13 Runway Should Be Used..
7 October 2012

Karl Lagerfeld tells us how the Hula Hoop Bag From Chanel’s SS13 Runway Should Be Used..

In a Video interview with the Telegraph, King Karl tells us that he intentionally removed all the Chanel elements – quilting, Camelia, and the interlocking C logo for the brand’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection because he wanted to remove all the defining elements of Chanel, and yet demonstrate that it’s still quintessentially Chanel without them.

More interestingly, he tells us how the hula hoop bag that caused a MASSIVE buzz on all social media platforms, is meant to be used.

If you watched the video, you might have heard Karl saying that the hula hoop bag was meant for the beach, and it’s that size so you can stow your towels in it. Oh, and get this — you’re supposed to “put in the sand”, and to hang stuff off the hoop. Okay, I’m sorry Karl, but not a whole lot of us have that much money to burn, and erm, putting a WHITE Enormous flap bag IN THE SAND? Umm…. okayyy… perhaps the celebs will take to your suggestion, but I don’t think any of us mere mortals would.