Burberry's February 2017 Runway and Bags Report
21 February 2017

Burberry’s February 2017 Runway and Bags Report

For the second consecutive time, Burberry held its February 2017 collection runway show at Makers House. Inspired by Henry Moore, the collection was all about the juxtaposition of textures, shapes, and proportions: cue lace, chunky knits, sequins, and rope details. Stripes, too, played a significant role in this collection, especially the use of Breton stripes reminiscent of the striped apron the artist wore while at work in his studio.

The straight-to-consumer business model means that the collection is immediately available for purchase after the show. Additionally, there is a collection of 78 Limited Edition Couture capes that  came down the runway during the finale, and each has a unique name specific to its style, available for special order. These capes will be going on their very own journey around the world, with Makers House as their first stop, beginning today.

And now, the part you’ve all be waiting for: the bags!

Burberry introduced a new bag family, the DK88, for both Men and Women, as part of the February 2017 collection. Named after the house code for Burberry’s signature honey-hued gaberdine, the collection is in the House’s new Trench Leather.

The Medium DK88 Top Handle Bag


 Medium DK88 Top Handle Bag with Alligator (left), and Large DK88 Top Handle Bag (Middle, and Right)

DK88 Mini Barrel Bags

 DK88 Small Barrel Bags

 DK88 Bowling Bags

There’s something for the Men too: Introducing the Men’s DK88 Collection

 Small DK88 Satchel

 DK88 Document Case

DK88 Doctor’s Bag

DK 88 Luggage Bag comes with either leather, or alligator handles. Such a unisex bag, and I’d totally use this too!

The FULL DK88 collection will launch in May so get your wallets ready!

Psst: if you missed the Burberry February 2017 collection runway show live, you can still watch the FULL show via the on-demand video service right here!

Images courtesy of Burberry