Women, Blogs and Social Media
12 July 2012

Women, Blogs and Social Media

From the study carried out on Women and their social media use, Blogs seem to have come out on top.  But what then, does this actually mean?

Image via Socialmouths, spotted by @LindseyWolff

Well, one thing’s for sure, women certainly put their trust in blogs especially when it comes to influencing their decisions, thereby transforming intent, into action. As shown above, blogs are the “go-to” social media of choice when women want:

  • help on purchase-making decisions
  • to obtain product information
  • to seek advice and information
  • to learn more about new products, or any product at all in general


Because of these factors, brands (whether designer or not) invest lots of money and time in reaching out, developing working relationships and even collaborating with bloggers on designing capsule collections because the they are well aware of the fact that bloggers not only have a global reach at their fingertips, but their voices also influence tens of thousands out there.

And for all bloggers out there, this is definitely a good thing because every voice counts! 😉