2 June 2018

Prada’s “Nylon Farm”

Prada‘s latest film project, entitled Nylon Farm, is a four-part short film series depicting a fictional world, between the synthetic and natural world. As you may have already guessed, it’s based around the brand’s signature nylon . The fantastical “nylon farm” serves as a backdrop to a love story, complete with cyborgian “nylon sheep”, with synthetic fleece that is woven into the nylon fabric.

Prada Nylon Farm Film Still

As the title suggests, Prada’s nylon always remains central to the storyline. Imbued with the House’s core values of an appreciation of history, while at the same time looking forward, as well as the constant search for something new, along with a marriage of both technological innovation and expertise together with the invention and creativity of the mind and craftsmanship, this Sci-Fi Philip K. Dick inspired film is certainly has all the elements of a futuristic film.


Images and video courtesy of Prada