Newsflash: Karl Lagerfeld To Star in Car Commercial
17 December 2010

Newsflash: Karl Lagerfeld To Star in Car Commercial

First and foremost, Designer for Fendi, Chanel and his own label. Then came short film director: “Remember Now” (with a cameo appearance by the man himself), “Shopping Fever”, “Chanel: The Silent Film”, and “Chanel Paris-Shanghai”, are just some of the many that he has lent his directing hand to.

Now, Karl Lagerfeld ventures into ‘acting’ – he is to star in a car manufacturer’s commercial. Since Karl is the fashion authority – I mean, hey, he isn’t known as the Fashion Meister for nothing! – what’s the first thing that anyone would assume? That he will be lending his name and face to a prestigious luxury car manufacturer, say Bentley, Lamboghini, Porsche, and others cars of that calibre, right?


Karl will be starring in a series of 30-second commercials by mass market German car manufacturer, Volkswagen (VW), which, translates into the “car of the people/commonfolk”. The commercial will be aired on all German television networks on December 22.

Image via Luxuo