Newsflash: Burberry Collaborates With Apple For the Spring/Summer 2014 Runway Show
13 September 2013

Newsflash: Burberry Collaborates With Apple For the Spring/Summer 2014 Runway Show

Burberry, the leading innovator in the adaptation of digital technology to fashion, which has, without fail, come up with something new each season, has just expanded its digital footprint further by joining forces with Apple. The latest iPhone 5S will be used to capture and share photos and video during and after the Spring/Summer 2014 Runway Show on Monday, September 16, at London Fashion Week. 

The latest iSight camera on the iPhone 5S enables high quality photos and video for both beauty and runway and backstage looks, and product detail shots.

According to Burberry’s Chief Creative Officer Christopher Bailey, “this collaboration celebrates our relationship and shared foundation in design and craftsmanship. we have a mutual passion for creating beautiful products and unlocking emotive experiences through technology, which has made it intensely exciting to explore the capabilities of iPhone5s. We’re inspired by what this could mean for the future as we continue to explore the merging of physical and digital experiences”

Watch the Pre-Runway show video below, shot with the iPhone5s.

Remember to catch the Spring/Summer 2014 show LIVE from London Fashion Week right here on Bag Addicts Anonymous on Monday, September 16th at 2:30pm London time (9:30am EST, 3:30pm CET and 9:30pm Malaysian time). The RTW and leather goods will be available for Pre-Order via the Runway 2 Reality service right after the show.

Once again, special thanks to Burberry for exclusive Livestreaming rights!

Image and video courtesy of Burberry