Newsflash: Asia's First Handbag Museum!
26 March 2013

Newsflash: Asia’s First Handbag Museum!

Hello Lovelies, guess what?  I was literally over the moon when I heard that we now have our very own handbag museum in Asia with over 300 handbags that date back to the 16th Century! And the museum itself, is in the shape of a bag with “handles” at the very top of the building to boot! How cool is that? 

Located in Shinsa-Dong in Seoul, South Korea, the bag-shaped structure was designed by Korean Architects UAD, the curation of the history of handbags was the brainchild of Simone, a Korean handbag manufacturer.

A flaghip store is also built into the museum, along with studio space as a venue for up-and-coming designers to showcase their designs.