GQ x Gucci: The Performers Act VIII
28 October 2018

GQ x Gucci: The Performers Act VIII

GQ and Gucci has released Act VIII of the films series, The Performers as part of their ongoing short film collaboration. The Performers is essentially a tribute to the pilgrimage of influential men to unexpected places that have shaped their spirit and vision.

Gucci The Producers James T Merry

This 8th instalment of the film features hand embroidery artist James T. Merry who has been based in Iceland since 2009, after developing a close relationship with Björk.

I always had this fantasy in my twenties,”  he says, “of moving out of the big city and finding a remote cabin and living this gorgeous romantic life there…There’s an automatic impulse flowing down my arm, and quite often I’m just absorbing the nature that I’m seeing around me ~ James T. Merry ~


Images and video courtesy of Gucci