Event Post: Prada and Miu Miu Spring/Summer 15 Press Day
16 January 2015

Event Post: Prada and Miu Miu Spring/Summer 15 Press Day

Last Friday, I headed over to the Prada office in KL for their joint Prada & Miu Miu Spring/Summer 15 Press Day. Beginning with Prada, we were told that the design philosophy behind the Spring/Summer 15 collection was the juxtaposition between “rich” and “poor”.

To achieve this, Miuccia Prada utilised fabrics such as denim and gauze (yes, the same type of gauze that one would bandage their hand with when injured) which were traditionally perceived as those belonging and worn by the working-classes, and paired with luxurious fabrics like duchesse satin. The reverse was also true: materials like brocade and duchesse silks were given unfinished edges to make it look worn, in order to play down the ostentatious vibe. For evening, gauze was combined with brocade and jacquard, with crystal details on the neckline for that luxe appeal. What an ingenious attempt at undoing stereotypes, class consciousness, and fashion’s elitist high-low dichotomy, don’t you think?

Punto Lin stitching on this brocade dress with crystal neckline details


crystal collar details with unfinished edges, as described above


Punto Lin [see description below] stitching on this leather skirt


Artful use of gauze on top

The main details for the season are the what is known as the Punto Lin, a particular type of topstitched finishing that is also similarly reflected in the Mens SS15 collection, but with different types of threads. Again, denim was one of the preferred materials, and instead of using it on casual daywear, Miuccia transformed men’s trousers for formal occasions: they were given the denim treatment, most notably, the 5-pocket design found on jeans. A new type of material was also introduced for the first time for outerwear – the Punto Stoffa Tec,  which is a double-jersey that is created by combining nylon and cotton to create a rather silky, but yet cushy and squishy effect.

Men’s denim jacket with similar top-stitching


Detail look at the stitching


Punto Stoffa Tec outerwear for Men

2 styles of Men’s shoes for SS15: The loafer, and the sandal


Prada Men’s and Women’s RTW for SS15

As SS15 is dubbed as the return to the classics, there are no man bags this season, as it was not common for men to carry bags back in the day, apart from their briefcases. For the women’s handbags, there is a return to Prada’s classic styles, particularly the Pyramide silhouette. Usually in contrasting colours, the bag also sports the same Punto Lin stitching.

For shoes, SS15  marks clogs season

Moving on to Miu Miu, the girl Miuccia was designing for, is the closet rebel: she was someone who would, on the surface, be prim and proper, but yet beneath that exterior, desperately wants to break free from that stuffy ladylike facade, but yet, not to the extent of being completely crass; a semi-punk, if you will. This was evident in the crop-tops beneath the feminine-style coats, the ruffles which were given raw edges, and the use of Radzmire (a couture fabric) which was treated with technical fibres to give it a more modern appeal.

The rebel within: girly pastel-coloured outerwear, but beneath it all, a crop top


2-piece look: crop top and midi skirt

What we initially thought was brocade, was actually a combination of nylon and cotton thread to create illusions of an embroidered sort of overlay-typed effect, which was achieved by utilizing cotton threads for the flowers, against a nylon base (see photo below).


Ruffles with unfinished edges

The same technique was used, but this time around, inversely: cotton threads were instead used as the base, while the floral motifs were created with nylon to create a debossed effect.

Bows have, over time, become one of Miu Miu’s distinctive characteristics, and for SS15, they came in oversized form. This exaggerated idea and concept also applied to exotic skins, particularly crocodile. And surprise, surprise, the pumps were intentionally made to look obviously fake. Skin du jour? Why, fake croc of course!

As with Prada, the bags from Miu Miu’s SS15 collection are also a return to the classics, particularly the Matelasse, which has become synonymous with the brand. Did you know that to create the Matelasse effect, the leather is stretched to its fullest by the artisans? Once this is done, the the batting is inserted, and sewn into place. The leather is then released from its stretched position, and falls into place naturally to create the effect.


Updated with a hangtag that conceals a mirror so that you can check up on your makeup discreetly! ;D

For day, a small top handle bag flap bag dubbed as “arm candy” (shown above) due to the way in which the handle was constructed to sit comfortably on your arm, and therefore, is only meant to be carried in this manner. For evening, the non-conformist idea comes through with overly oversized clutches.

And that’s a wrap!

Thanks to the Prada and Miu Miu team for extending a press invitation to me! It’s one of the most informative press days I’ve been to, and even if I saw these come down the runway, I’d never have known without feeling the RTW up close and seeing the little details and meticulous work that the artisans put into the collection!

All images by Bag Addicts Anonymous