Event Post: Louis Vuitton's Series 3 Exhibit in Singapore
11 December 2015

Event Post: Louis Vuitton’s Series 3 Exhibit in Singapore

On November 28, I was in Singapore for Louis Vuitton’s “Series 3” Exhibition that showcases Nicolas Ghesquière’s Autumn/Winter 2015/16 collection — yep! it’s the collection that’s currently in stores. Located at the South Crystal Pavilion at Marina Bay Sands, the exhibit delves into the craftsmanship and provides us with an insight to the artistic design process.

Image courtesy of Louis Vuitton

By now, you’ve probably seen this shot many a time on Instagram. Now, here’s a look at the number of layers that go into the creation of this logo

Andddd…. Behold, the Sticker Wall, featuring Vuitton’s FW15 accessories, where you got to pick some and take them home as souvenirs, along with your initials (not shown)

Room 1: Mastermind 
Smack in the middle of the room is a  gigantic Vuitton trunk which opens up to reveal a holographic show featuring Ghesquière’s creative process and inspiration.

Image courtesy of Louis Vuitton


Image Courtesy of Louis Vuitton


The Fondation Louis Vuitton


Room 2: Artists’ HandsA room full of desks fitted with screens, this is a point-of-view savoir-faire video where you can watch the artisans working on the La Petite Malle and the Dora bags. Screened in real-time,  and broadcasted live from the Paris workshops.

Room 3: Infinite Show

This room is fitted with floor to ceiling screens playing Vuitton’s Fall/Winter 15 runway show featuring 48 looks, backstage footage where we witness 30 make-up artists along with Pat McGrath, 25 hairstylists at work under Paul Hanlon, and 45 model dressers.
Image courtesy of Louis Vuitton


Onwards and upwards we go, where the exhibition continues…


Here we are at the Lounge, where you can grab some drinks, desserts, and a bite.

Room 4: The Accessories Gallery
Blindingly white, this is the accessories room, where we see  Marte Mei van Haaster’s avatars made of plaster walking through walls and such… Also on display, several pieces from the Vuitton archives…

Image courtesy of Louis Vuitton

Room 5: Walk In Wardrobe
Here, we see the runway looks hanging in glass walk-in wardrobes


Room 6: A Tale of Craftsmanship
In this room, you can find artisans from the Vuitton atelier providing a live demonstration on how a Petite Malle — my favourite bag of all time — is made. Did you know that each Petite Malle takes 30 hours to complete?


Image courtesy of Louis Vuitton


Image courtesy of Louis Vuitton


Screws, clasps, and rivets


As mentioned in a previous blogpost, the Xs on the bag are not kisses, but the signature of a banker — one of the Maison’s important customers


Epi leather or monogram canvas is wrapped around the plywood, which is used to create the hard-cased exterior of the Petite Malle


And that brings us to the end of the Vuitton Series 3 Exhibit! Hope you had a good walkthrough of the exhibit from this blogpost! If you’d like to check it out, it will be at the South Crystal Pavilion at Marina Bay Sands till December 23 2015! 
All Images by Bag Addicts Anonymous unless otherwise stated above.