Dior Launches "Jeune Fille en Dior" Comic
1 May 2015

Dior Launches “Jeune Fille en Dior” Comic

Dior takes visual history to a whole new level: Jeune Fille en Dior (“The Girl in Dior”), a graphic novel of sorts, utlises Annie Zoeitzinger’s drawings to illustrate the history of Maison Dior, taking us back to the days of founder, Christian Dior, his designs and inspirations, who was most notably known for his “New Look” in the 1950s post-WWII era . The comic-esque book begins on 12 February 1947, just before Monsieur Dior’s debut show.

And guess what? The English version of the graphic novel is available in Kinokuniya, at RM129

Images courtesy of Dior