Diane von Furstenberg: "The Empress's New Clothes"
13 December 2012

Diane von Furstenberg: “The Empress’s New Clothes”

Christian Louboutin has a fairytale out, and now, so does Diane von Furstenberg! Entitled “The Empress’s New Clothes”, the book is a feminist fable that was inspired by the original text, “The Emperor’s New Clothes”, with bits and bobs of DVF’s life woven seamlessly into this fashionable tale.

Part of the Fashion Fairy Tale Memoir series, the book is written by international bestselling author, Camilla Morton pays tribute to Diane von Furstenberg in a tale about confidence and empowerment. In short, it’s a lesson in feeling comfortable in our own skin.

The hardback copy of this fashionable fairytale will be out in Mid-December, and will be available at both the Suria KLCC and Pavilion DVF stores for RM100