Chanel's Cruise 2013 Full Fashion Show!
16 May 2012

Chanel’s Cruise 2013 Full Fashion Show!

Yesterday you saw the stills from Chanel’s Cruise 2013 Runway show. Today, you are about to take your front row seat as you watch the actual Marie Antoinette meets Punk Rock chick runway show in full that took place at the fountain in the garden of Versailles!

Oh and if you look closely at the video, what appears to be “moles” on the models below their eyes, you’d notice that they’re actually Chanel logo tattoos, which will also be available and sold in Chanel stores just like the pearls and tattoos from their runway shows of seasons past. By the way, I don’t know about you but the hysterical hyena’s laughing soundtrack to the runway show is a little freaky…