Breaking News: Prada Launches 24 Hours Museum Event On Facebook TODAY!
24 January 2012

Breaking News: Prada Launches 24 Hours Museum Event On Facebook TODAY!

Prada launches a “24 hours Museum” today in Paris. As the title suggests, it is only open for 24 Hours till Wednesday, 25 January at the Palais d’léna in Paris today. Divided into 3 sections (historic, contemporary, and forgotten), each section refers to specific events that take place during the 24 hours in different areas of the ground floor of the venue.

But guess what? This is entirely a mystery event, not even the events agency knows anything about it!

For those of us who won’t be able to attend this “mystery event”, Prada has launched an interactive app on their Facebook page, fully utilizing the power of social media to create a buzz about the event by allowing everyone to participate! Once you approve the app, you need to upload a photo, select your picture frame and jewels, the photo (which also allows you to post it to your Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr) will be added to the digital gallery — something along the lines of the #marcfam thing that happened on Twitter and Instagram last month. Upon uploading, your photo will also be uploaded onto the 24 Hours Museum Website

The real event will only be unveiled to the events agency (Modecracy) as well as everyone at the invitation-only dinner in Paris tonight. At 11pm Paris Time, it will be turned into a disco-club visible online at the Website. The museum opens to public on 25 January 7am-12pm and from 2pm-4:30pm. The Pop-up Museum closes at 8:30pm on 25 January Paris Time.

The museum is created by Francesco Vezzoli




Image via My Life On My Bike