Video: Louis Vuitton's Latest Ad Campaign Film -L'invitation Au Voyage Venice
11 November 2013

Video: Louis Vuitton’s Latest Ad Campaign Film -L’invitation Au Voyage Venice

Exactly one year after Louis Vuitton’s first L’Invitation Au Voyage Ad Campaign film where Arizona Muse was seen sailing away on a hot air balloon from the Louvre in Paris, the sequel has just been released, and this time, based in Venice. Directed by Romain Gavras and photographed by David Sims,  Arizona Muse reprises her role as the female protagonist in this second chapter of the film, starring alongside the original Glam Rock musician, David Bowie. And yes, he seems to be playing the harpsichord and singing a version of “I’d Rather Be High”, the latest song from his albuym The Next Day, an aptly titled song if you ask me, in this extravagant tale of time travel where the extravagant courtly historical eras (with everyone dancing in period costumes) and the current moments in time collide in this surreal dreamscape.

Arizona follows harpsichord music coming from the palazzo through the archways of the Piazza San Marco, closes her eyes. Once she opens her eyes again, the music stops, David Bowie and the other characters have disappeared and it’s daytime once more. The only evidence is the music score tucked into her “Vivienne” bag. The film closes with an ancient Chinese junk which awaits her and that could only mean one thing – next stop, China!

Enjoy watching the film, the behind-the-scenes making of the video, and the Director’s Cut!

And stay tuned for the complete series of Ad Campaign images coming up on the blog!