Tod's D Cube Bag for Spring/Summer 2014
20 March 2014

Tod’s D Cube Bag for Spring/Summer 2014

The Bowler from Tod’s latest D Cube collection that was introduced as part of the Spring/Summer 2014 collection is one of my favourite bags of the season! The complementary colours that are used to colour block with are utterly delectable, actually reminding me of sweet confections like cupcakes, macarons and ice cream! While I’m not such a fan of the Red-pink colourway, I adore the others!

D Cube Small Bowler


D Cube Micro Bowler


D Cube Small and Micro Bowlers


D Cube Micro Bowlers


The D Cube bowler is available in 2 sizes: Micro and Small. And since we’re on a mini bags trend (a spillover from last year), it’s only apt that the bowler comes in a teeny-tiny size, now doesn’t it? While the Micro is super cute, I really need roomier bags, so I’d opt for the Small size, which isn’t really very small at all (see 3rd photo for size comparison)! For those of you who prefer the cutesy Micro size, the Tod’s boutiques in KL only has the Small size because, according to the SA there, the buyers didn’t order that as “the Micro is too small”. The small D Cube bowler retails for RM 5,140, and I personally love it best in this blue-grey colourway, though the blush-burgundy version is also quite pretty!

Images via Tod’s