6 September 2011

Some treats from Dior — Charlize Theron, J’Adore, & The Miss Dior bag

A couple of days ago, Burberry released the TV ad for the latest Burberry fragrance, “Body”. And now, just a few days after, Dior has released a new film for its J’Adore fragrance, starring Charlize Theron, who, has in the past been associated with the same fragrance, and starred in the promotional film sometime back in 2007.

This new J’Adore film was directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud and filmed at Versailles in France.


Up next, I have another film by Dior. Well, I’m sure you’re no stranger to the series of Lady Dior films, which was a massive advertising campaign on Dior’s part to revive the classic Lady Dior. This time around, well, it isn’t really a series, but it’s also a film starring the new Miss Dior Bag

And next, the Miss Dior in action on the streets…