Prada's Latest Fall/Winter 2013 Ad Campaign and Film!
12 July 2013

Prada’s Latest Fall/Winter 2013 Ad Campaign and Film!

Earlier this week, Prada launched their Fall/Winter 2013 Ad campaign film. Shot by Steven Meisel, we see aspiring actresses auditioning for a role, in preparation or their closeups. Prada calls this a tale of “The hunter and the hunted, watching each other like wild beasts. One by one they are selected and cast aside like slides in an ever revolving carousel.” Prada, once again, takes an artsy postmodern approach to their films similar to that of the FW12 Campaign Film and this year’s SS13 Campagin film which have one thing in common: they blur the line “between reality and fiction”. There is also an air of mystery as “these women are not who you think they are…”

And now, here’s Prada’s FULL Fall/Winter 2013 campaign images, starring 9 of the biggest models in the industry: Sophia Ahrens, Freja Beha Erichsen, Caroline De Maigret, Malaika Firth, Kristine Froseth, Catherine McNeil, Amanda Murphy, Cameron Russell, Fei Fei Sun.
You’d probably have also noticed that they are photographic stills from the video that you just watched, as well as the straggly wet hair that we saw on the Prada Fall/Winter 2013 Runway during Milan Fashion Week earlier this year.

Keeping in line with the theme “these women are not who you think they are”, these next 2 images feature multi-talented models. Pictured above, model Amanda Murphy (who has a Lanvin campaign under her belt and also opened the show for Prada this season) is also an X-ray technician.

French model Caroline de Maigret (left) is also not just another pretty face, but also a music producer.

Pictured above (right), Cameron Russell, who is the main character in the film (dressed the green skirt), is not just a runway model and Victoria’s Secret Angel, but also a Berkeley Economics and Political Science major who has presented at a TED talk (video below) and founder of a webzine called “Interrupt”.

Images via AFP.