Prada's 50's retro inspired Spring/Summer 2012 Campaign Video
3 February 2012

Prada’s 50’s retro inspired Spring/Summer 2012 Campaign Video

I was in love (and have been ever since) with Prada’s Spring/Summer 2012 retro-cars inspired collection, especially the bags and shoes ever since I saw the models strutting down the Spring/Summer 2012 runways. I couldn’t wait for it to hit stores, and guess what, The local Prada SA tells me that the car clutch will be available in KL, to my delight. In fact I must admit that  I was pleasantly surprised because, well, usually, KL doesn’t have runway pieces. And if they are available, they’re usually pre-order pieces that the VIP customers have managed to get their talons on!

Anyway, here’s the Spring/Summer 2012 retro inspired campaign, with retro cars to boot!

And here’s the video starring Natasha Poly, Ymre Stiekema and Katryn Kruger… Enjoy!