Montblanc #Whatsonyourlist Holiday 2018 Campaign
16 December 2018

Montblanc #Whatsonyourlist Holiday 2018 Campaign

This Holiday Season, Montblanc partners with several artistic talents for their #whatsonyourlist campaign, to help them fulfil their wishes for the coming year ahead.

Artist David Paul Kay is known for his black-and-white murals and artworks. His wish was to create his first ever coloured masterpiece using a paint made especially for him, and him alone. Montblanc played fairy godmother and worked on a colour that he wanted: an intense scarlet hue in his very own Limited Edition spray can. The result? His triptych entitled R3solutions, inspired by the idea of New Year’s resolutions. Extremely interactive, his artwork is an invitation to anyone who comes across it, and to share their wishes by writing them on his work of art, because sharing is caring, isn’t it? ;D

Montblanc #whatsonyourlist campaign artist David Paul Kay

Montblanc #whatsonyourlist campaign artist David Paul Kay

I had always hoped to use colour in my works and this collaboration meant I could fulfil that wish, and make the creative breakthrough I wanted. Just as I was able to realise my wish to challenge myself with colour, people can put their wishes out in the universe by actually physically writing on the surface and become part of artwork” ~ David Paul Kay ~

Montblanc #whatsonyourlist campaign Giotto Calendoli

Milanese designer Giotto Calendoli has a motto: “Handle with Freedom”. Together with Montblanc, Calendoli created a customised Montblanc Sfumato Pocket Holder at the Maison’s Pelleteria in Florence.

Landscape photographer Max Muench had a dream, and it was to journey to the remote Tian Shan Mountains of Kyrgystan. Armed with nothing but Montblanc’s 1858 Geosphere watch built for mountaineering, and his trusty camera, here’s his amazing photography captured during the expedition.

Montblanc #whatsonyourlist campaign Max Muench

One of my favourite street style mavens and fashion editors, is Tank Magazine’s Caroline Issa. She always wanted to learn calligraphy so that she could gift loved ones and friends with pretty, personalised notes. Montblanc stepped in, taught her the technique and gave her the tools to come up with beautifully hand-written Christmas greetings this year.

Montblanc #whatsonyourlist campaign Caroline Issa

British ballet dancer Eric Underwood has a heart for children, particularly with regards to education and creative expression. This year, he conducts a workshop in the London Fields Primary School and worked with the children on a special self-choreographed dance piece based on the stories that the students have written, with Montblanc’s Le Petit Prince writing instruments.

Montblanc #whatsonyourlist campaign Eric Underwood

Last, but certainly not the least, is Dubai-based entrepreneur and motivational speaker Anas Bukhash, who cites his mother as a significant influence in his success. Wanting to express his gratitude with a meaningful gift, Anas gifted her an Arabic calligraphy-inspired artwork by commissioning Emirati artist Matter bin Lahej.

How heartwarming and inspiring are these tales and stories? Head on over here to the dedicated site to share your very own personal stories.


Images and videos courtesy of Montblanc