Margaret Zhang's Tory Burch Campaign Starring Kate Bosworth
21 January 2017

Margaret Zhang’s Tory Burch Campaign Starring Kate Bosworth

Tory Burch has collaborated with one of my favourite fashion bloggers, Margaret Zhang on a campaign starring Kate Bosworth for the Gemini Link collection of handbags, featuring a double link hardware detail. So why double link? That’s because the number 2 holds much significance to Tory herself, from her twin children, to her Gemini zodiac sign. Although supposedly a “graphic take on the brand’s logo”, to me, though, those interlocking links are reminiscent of the horsebit detail.

I may be a tad biased when I say this, but Margaret Zhang, who just released her Limited Edition photography book entitled In the Youth of Our Fury, has such a keen eye and fabulous sense of style. My favourites are her self-portraits oh and of course, not forgetting the #ZhangFlatlay. A multitalented superwoman, that’s who she is, really, and a stellar photographer.

Images courtesy of Tory Burch