Louis Vuitton's FULL Series 4 SS16 Campaign!
6 January 2016

Louis Vuitton’s FULL Series 4 SS16 Campaign!

A couple of days ago you saw the sneak peek photos of Louis Vuitton’s Spring/Summer 16 Series 4 advertising campaign featuring Lightning, the character from the Final Fantasy video game. Today, I have the FULL campaign photos featuring the work of Juergen Teller, Bruce Weber and Square Enix, the Japanese video game and manga creator.

Series 4 is all about heroines, and these are the various ways in which the photographers interpreted them.

The Heroine by Bruce Weber

Shot in Tampa in a town on the streets of the West Coast of Florida, Jaden Smith (son of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith) masquerades as a girl in this campaign along with the other 3 models. And, according to Vuiton’s Creative Director Nicolas Ghesquière,

[Jaden Smith] represents a generation that has assimilated the codes of true freedom, one that is free of manifestos and questions about gender. Wearing a skirt comes as naturally to him as it would to a woman who, long ago, granted herself permission to wear a man’s trench or a tuxedo. Jade Smith conveys something very interesting about the integration of a global wardrobe.  He’s found an instinctive balance that makes his extraordinary attitude a new norm. That really inspred me in the creative process for this collection”

The Heroine by Juergen Teller

Korean actress Doona Bae is Vuitton’s new heroine his heroine. Ghesquière discovered her thanks to her role in the sci-fi action film The Host, and was fascinated by her gift for transformation. It was her image that Ghesquière had in mind when designing the SS16 collection: “She radiates strength and an artistic sensibility that corresponds to the values of the Maison”.

Doona Bae also tells us that she and Ghesquière have become friends over the years, and tells us about his

uncanny ability to draw inspiration from the past, interpret the present and invent the future. I am deeply touched by his work and his flair for detail. I also love the way he interprets women. He creates for independent, strong and daring women who, thanks to him, can express both delicate beauty and fatal charm

Lightning: A Virtual Heroine

It was pretty evident from Vuitton’s SS16 runway show at Paris Fashion Week, that Ghesquière made obvious references to the virtual world as well as Japanese manga warrior characters. This merging of the virtual and Japanese fantasy worlds therefore comes as no surprise. A collaboration between Tetsuya Nomura and VW of Square Enix and Maison Vuitton, Lightning is the hugest star of this SS16 Series 4 campaign.

Ghesquière comments that

Lightning is the perfect avatar for a global, heroic woman and for a world where social networks and communications are now seamlessly woven into our life. She is also the symbol of ew pictorial processes. How can you create an image that goes beyond the classic principles of photography and design? Lightning heralds a new era of expression

And here are some shots of the in-game character Lightning.

Lightning believes that she was “an unseemly choice as ambassador.”

This campaign will be unveiled in magazines globally in the January 2016 issues of magazines globally, with 2 films created by the photographers to follow soon!

Images courtesy of Louis Vuitton