Louis Vuitton's Fall/Winter 18 FULL Ad Campaign
1 September 2018

Louis Vuitton’s Fall/Winter 18 FULL Ad Campaign

In light of sexual misconduct allegations, Louis Vuitton has replaced Bruce Weber with Collier Schorr as the photographer of choice for the Fall/Winter 18 ad campaign. The season’s campaign went back to the “studio-esque feel”, with models Clémentine Balcaen, and Mariam de Vinzelle in the spotlight.

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Louis Vuitton-lv-FW18-series-9-ad-campaign-11
Louis Vuitton-lv-FW18-series-9-ad-campaign-12
Louis Vuitton-lv-FW18-series-9-ad-campaign-13
Louis Vuitton-lv-FW18-series-9-ad-campaign-14
Louis Vuitton-lv-FW18-series-9-ad-campaign-15
Louis Vuitton-lv-FW18-series-9-ad-campaign-16
Louis Vuitton-lv-FW18-series-9-ad-campaign-4
Louis Vuitton-lv-FW18-series-9-ad-campaign-17
Louis Vuitton-lv-FW18-series-9-ad-campaign
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Louis Vuitton-lv-FW18-series-9-ad-campaign-6
Louis Vuitton-lv-FW18-series-9-ad-campaign-2
Louis Vuitton-lv-FW18-series-9-ad-campaign-7
Louis Vuitton-lv-FW18-series-9-ad-campaign-8
Louis Vuitton-lv-FW18-series-9-ad-campaign-9
Louis Vuitton-lv-FW18-series-9-ad-campaign-10

Though the campaign had a very unexpected lookbook kinda vibe, and I’m not really a fan of the circuit board bags, or the trunk-printed bags, there certainly are some items I’m lusting after. Yep, you know me too well, the silver and antique trunk-esque Petite Malle are definitely on my list of favourites, but what’s most darling are the SLGs, especially the Micro Boîte Chapeau coin purse, and the Essential Trunk.


Images: Louis Vuitton