First Look At Gucci's FW16 FULL Ad Campaign
2 July 2016

First Look At Gucci’s FW16 FULL Ad Campaign

Shot by Glen Luchford, Gucci’s latest Fall/Winter 16 advertising campaign heads to the city of Tokyo. Shot in both modern and the more traditional Japanese venues such as tea houses and pachinko parlours as well as on the busy streets of Tokyo,  diegetic sound cues are also included in yellow text within square brackets to more clearly elucidate the context, our sense of place, as well as the way in which we are to ‘read’ the photographic shots. A typical cinematic technique used in independent or foreign films, this is indeed a clever way through which Luchford tries to evoke and create a sense of movement in static imagery, which in turn increases its impact. And, with this, he completely transforms the audience member from someone viewing the images at a distance, to someone who is involved in (t)his narrative. Kudos to Luchford for anointing these stills with a cinematic quality!

Now, watch the campaign film by Luchford, wherein non-diegetic sounds become a bigger part of the film – the polar opposite of what he does with the photos.

Images courtesy of Gucci